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Areas of Practice

Our experienced team offers criminal defence for all legal situations, including charges like;

Impaired Driving:

Covers a variety of criminal offences relating to the charge, sometimes referred to as Drunk Driving or DUI. Impaired driving offences include driving under the influence of drugs. Within this category are charges like; Impaired driving, Breathalyzer over 0.8, Refusal to take a Breathalyzer or Approved Screening Device, Impaired driving causing bodily harm, Impaired driving causing death.

Drug Offences:

The Canadian Criminal Code outlines many crimes involving drugs including; possession, selling, growing or manufacturing controlled drugs and substances.

Sexual Offences:

This pertains to sex-related offences including sexual assault, child pornography, sexual interference, sexual touching, sexual exploitation, prostitution offences and obscenity allegations.

Motor Vehicle Offences:

Relates to any of the numerous offences in the Criminal Code and Motor Vehicle Act that relate to driving a motor vehicle.

Assault & Violent Crime:

Includes charges relating to assault ranging from Common Assault, to Causing Bodily Harm and the more serious charges of Aggravated Assault and Murder.

Weapon Offences:

Includes the charges relating to weapons offences like; possession, carrying, handling, storing or using an illegal firearm.


Not all court findings are final. An accused or the prosecution can seek to have a verdict overturned in the Court of Appeal. Each of our lawyers are familiar with appeals and the unique challenges appeals present.

Youth Criminal Justice:

The justice system treats Young People in conflict with the law differently than adults. We know the various options available to Young Persons and how to best achieve results for them.



Upon arrest, some people charged with offences are brought before a court to determine whether the are to be released pending trial. Our lawyers are very experienced in conducting these hearings and have the knowledge to assist in obtaining an accused’s release.

Professional Discipline:

Many professions (doctors, lawyers, pharmacists, etc.), have overseeing bodies who can discipline members accused of impropriety. Often these professionals are entitled to legal representation. The lawyers of MMG are capable of representing professionals before disciplinary hearings.
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